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Speech Technology
Frequently asked questions for Speech Technology:
What is speech technology?
Speech recognition technology or automatic speech recognition is the technology that converts spoken words to text. This technology is used in many hospitals to recognize the speech of doctors and to have the computers automatically generate the transcript.
Is it really possible for computers to recognize garbled voices and medical terms of doctors?
Yes, it is possible to train the computers to recognize the medical terms of the doctors; however, while using such technology, even the doctors are trained to dictate as clearly as possible. If the voice is too garbled, then you will need manual intervention.
How much of work is processed using this technology?
Intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents that medical transcriptionists (MTs) review and edit. You will be surprised to know that 82.86% of our workload is already on speech recognition platform, which means we do not use any MTs at all to transcribe 82.86% of our workload. All 82.86% of the volume needs to be proofread by editors.
What is the average accuracy output of the speech recognition technology?
There accuracy output from recognition engines varies for individual physicians. As a result of usage, the speech recognition will improve over time.
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