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Recruitment Process @ NTS India - Home-based ITP candidates
(ITP = Independent Transcription Professional)

What is the Recruitment Process @ NTS India?
The below write-up will explain the process of recruitment @ NTS India. Please go through the below process.

Eligibility: Candidates should have at least 3 years MT experience (apart from training duration) to apply for ITP program.

There is more than one way for you to approach NTS India.
Nuance Transcription Services India Pvt. Ltd.Apply online through our website. Click to Apply.
Nuance Transcription Services India Pvt. Ltd.Walk into any of our offices.
Nuance Transcription Services India Pvt. Ltd.Your friends might refer you to us and we contact you.


Once you apply or are approached by NTS India, your profile is captured in our database with the basic contact details.

After your profile with the basic contact details is created in the database, we will send you a URL (you just need to copy and paste the link to your Internet Browser). Using this link, you can update your profile from the comfort of your house itself. Once you complete updating your own profile, you need to inform the Recruitment Manager that you have submitted your complete profile.

Step2: The Recruitment Manager will take things forward for you and assign the Theory (LOM) Test and the Transcription/proofing tests through our Centralized Online Testing Software (COTS). Using this software, you can take up the tests at any of our office, closest to you. In addition to the LOM and Transcription/Proofing tests, you will also have to write an essay on select topics.
Step3: You will have a minimum of 3 transcription tests and 5 proofing tests with maximum length of the files being 15-17 minutes approximately in total duration for all the files. You can expect to complete the tests in about 4-5 hours’ time maximum, though you have a total of 10 hours’ time to complete the tests, LOM + Transcription/Proofing tests.
Step4: Once you complete the transcriptions, please allow us 3 working days to evaluate your profile. If you clear the tests, your profile will be discussed with the respective managers based on your performance in the transcription tests.
Step5: Once you are selected, the Recruitment Manager will forward your profile to the ITP Coordinator for further induction on the speech recognition software that you have been selected for. The ITP Coordinator will contact you and send you all the necessary documents related to the induction. He will also assist you to set up the necessary software on your local desktop and guide you on using the software for your day-to-day work.
Step6: The ITP Coordinator will request the HR Executive – Corporate Office to send the contract papers to you for your signatures, one copy which you need to return to us once it is signed by you.
Step7: The HR Executive – Corporate office will send the documents to the postal address as provided by you and as updated in our database. Please ensure the full and correct postal address is provided to our ITP Coordinators.

The ITP induction process would take you about 15 days in all. Please go through the below steps.

Step1. On receipt of “Personal Details Template” we will send the Contract Papers along with Kotak Bank Account Opening Application form within 3 days from the date of receipt of the personal details template. Please sign the contract papers and send it back along with the Kotak Bank Account Opening Application form to the below mentioned address.

Ms. Sumalatha SP
NTS India Pvt. Ltd.
72/32, Ground Floor, 13,
Green Leaf Layout
80 Feet, Peripheral Road.
4th Block, Koramangala
Bangalore -560034
Mobile: +91 99000-38974

Please make sure you send the supporting documents along with the Contracts.
Step2. On receipt of all the necessary documents, we will submit your Kotak account opening form to bank. Once your account is activated you will be receiving the account kit, which contains Debit Card and cheque book. You need to send us the scanned copy of cancelled cheque through email at or hard copy through courier to the above mentioned address. On receipt of the cancelled bank cheque, we will be sending you the necessary software installation kit and account specifications email will be sent to you. Please install the software and confirm within 2 days. Also, please go through the account specifications and mails us the answered questionnaire.
Step3. On receipt of the answered account questionnaire, an orientation program will be scheduled at a predetermined time. We will take you through a live job and explain you the steps you need to follow while you work on dictations.
Step4. After the orientation, we will be mailing you the login details along with all the protocols and contact details of your team manager. Kindly go through the same and confirm your thorough understanding.
Step5. You should be starting the work latest by next day. Please note that you will be on review and need to send all the files to NTS India for review.
Fresh Candidates - Please contact:
Ms. Kalaivani
Ph. No. 080-25631722
Email ID:
Selected Candidates - Please contact:
Ms. Sumalatha SP
Mobile: +91-99000-38974
Email ID:
Contract Signed & Waiting for Induction - Please contact:
Mr. Guruprasad KR
Mobile: +91-96322-18578
Email ID:
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